[Artist Statement]

I explores the aesthetic of marrying the organic and artificial in 3D printed sculpture, 3D animation and installation. My works, heavily involving the digital process, are significantly inspired by natural shapes and forms that instinctively draw humans in, desiring to feel and hold, such as bumpy potatoes, intertwining roots and smooth pebbles.

Opposing the cold and sharp-edged digital stereotype, my sculptures are curved into voluptuous and wonky bodies, embracing all the curves. Each 3D printed sculptures bring to life in animated videos, giving them personality and activity like hula-hooping, playing with a wee ball or swaying on a branch. By different tastes of motions in all their glory, they start telling their own story as a living thing.

I am fascinated by the uniqueness of the ambiguous border between the digital and the physical world, the relationship between machines/technology and creatures/nature. I reinforces the idea of marrying two different dimensions in one installation by presenting both physical body and animated personality as a couple. Recently I expanded my interest to the nature representation in cultures from the past to the present in South Korea and Scotland, my two homes as it is reflected in my work, ’Make a wish’.

As my own manifest from the genuine love and interest of both the nature and the technology, I’m passionate about pulling the art into sustainability by 3D printing the environment-friendly materials. As I don’t believe in using materials that would add on to the contamination on the earth in my art, I am on a constant journey to be truly sustainable in my practice, My 3D printed sculptures are made of plant-based bioplastics. I began researching and developing pieces made of 100% recycled plastics, such as ‘You got some fire in you’. Pulling art into sustainability is my life mission.