Hi, I am Soorin Shin who is a visual artist/designer, working in 3D printing, new media and installation art, also known as the creator of Wobbly Digital!

Prior to obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) from the Glasgow School of Art in 2020, I studied design at the Design Academy Eindhoven and media design at the Dongduk Women's University, South Korea. I am now based in Glasgow and founded Wobbly Digital in 2021, a 3D printing & digital studio where my journey between art and design came together in one place.

I fuse organic form with a contemporary digital twist. With Wobbly Digital, I have designed and made a variety of 3D printed products: earrings, mirrors and vases, inspired by natural elements such as intertwining roots, spiky horns and smooth pebbles. Opposing the cold and sharp edged-digital stereotype, my products embrace their curvy, voluptuous and wonky bodies. My work explores the ambiguous border between the digital and the physical worlds, interrogating the relationship between technology and nature.

My artist practice delves further into this theme. I explore nature's depiction in historical and cultural artefacts, especially those related to women, underpinned by my eco-feminist ideal. For instance, ’Irworobongdo Project’, a large scale 3D printed sculpture made entirely of recycled plastics, reinterprets the historical landscape painting from my Korean heritage. Irworobongdo served as a backdrop to the royal throne of the King during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). While the original painting acted solely as decoration to shine on the male King’s presence, connoting patriarchal authority and control, I invited animals to take centre stage in my sculpture, creating a more playful and harmonious atmosphere.

Driven by my eco-feminist motivation, I have progressively introduced more recycled plastic materials to my work, aiming my creative practice toward true sustainability. All my products and artworks are made of plant-based bioplastics and/or recycled plastics. I encourage the creative field to become a more environmentally conscious space, one 3D printed product or artwork at a time.
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