Bard Scotland, Edinburgh

- Kilt pin brooches

🦋Butterfly Lands On Kilt 🐟 Fish Swims On Kilt

My initial question for this exciting project was: “Already wearing a Sgian-dubh, why another fake sword?”

I noticed that weapons like swords are commonly referenced in kilt pin designs. We are living in the 21st century and still preserving the wrong idea of masculinity through the symbol of wars? Ridiculous! Now is the time to change the perception. Masculinity for protecting and cohabiting, rather than promoting aggression.

My mind ended up seeking an element in nature: a creature that is harmless and peaceful instead of combat objects.

A butterfly. An insect that has given us the wonder of nature and sheer appreciation to the beauty of living, especially when we were kids. That memory of chasing a butterfly...

And a fish. I mean how joyful they are! Even the sound of it! FISH!

I would love the world to be full of butterflies and fish! Instead of swords!

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