Four Seasons

Hidden Door Festival 2022, Edinburgh

Installation, 2022
Four Seasons is an installation artwork, consisting of four architectural metal structures with 3D printed Norigae sculptures hung on one side, and 3D animated videos dedicated to each sculpture playing on the other side.

Norigae is a women’s accessory, worn with the traditional costume (Hanbok), featuring natural elements such as dragonflies and coral. Further to its decorative purpose, Norigae is a token of motherhood, handed down from mothers to daughters to protect the wearer from misfortune. Everlasting motherhood is embodied by the four seasons which continuously cycle through time. 

I have reinterpreted Norigae into 3D printed sculptures depicting each of the four seasons, using elements such as spring flowers and winter snow. The sculptures are made of plant-based bioplasticsand recycled plastics, around 55cm in length. 3D animated videos based on each original model of the seasonal Norigae portray the natural environment such as flying petals and snow.

The four architectural metal structures are the bridge to connect these two different practices as one, harmoniously complementing each other. The structures are inspired by a traditional drum which isplayed in a historical Korean women's dance, decorated with cloud-shaped ornaments.