Four Season with My Granny

Installation, 2022

Four Seasons with My Granny is another installation piece with the four seasonal 3D printed Norigae sculptures, presented on a metal structure, accompanied by an AI generated video of South Korea’s nature, storytelling through poem.

3D printed Norigae sculptures depict each of the four seasons with natural elements such as spring flowers and winter snow, displayed on a squared metal structure, pieced together with traditional furniture decorations. As a woman of today, I want to liberate this small accessory which carried women’s wishes in the silenced past, by breaking into the traditionally male dominated technological field.

A silent video is developed with Korean seasonal landscapes collected online, and generated using AI. South Korea’s nature, as seen through other’s eyes, resembles and enhances vague memories of my homeland. The poem captioned in the video unfolds my relationship with my grandmother, accompanied by her Norigae in every scene, passing through each of the four seasons.