Porcelaina, 2020, Public Art

National galleries, especially in Europe, always feature East Asian porcelain pieces just standing around… either stolen, or purchased. They are far from home where they belong, simply to be displayed and gazed at. Possession was a symbol of wealth, and a representation of how culturally intellectual the rich were. Therefore it is natural for me to connect with them as an East Asian female living in the West.

I am a porcelain.
Growing up in South Korea, I witnessed the slow but sure westernisation of tradition.
I am the one who came far from home.
I am a porcelain who is branded as ‘China’ on the street.
I am a porcelain when you exoticise me.

Porcelaina is a costume made of wires and fabric, portable to any location to perform by wearing it. I am going to visit places such as national galleries, museums, houses or resources centres, which have these porcelains.I will stand in solidarity next to, and connect with them in spirit as an another porcelain, visually representing the socalled ‘positive racism’ on Asian people, especially female.

Pollok House in Glasgow
(Project delayed due to COVID-19)