Confidence from Willpower Series 

“ 할 수 있다. 나는 할 수 있다. 당당하게. 쫄지 마. 너 자신을 믿어. 넌 할 수 있어. 당당하게.”

“I can do it. I can do it. Say it with pure confidence. Do not fear. Trust yourself. Trust with full confidence.” 

• 3D printed vase
• Glass insert included

• Colour: Matt Navy
• Email me for colour customisation 
• 15 x 35 x 26 (cm)
• 650g

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I have been fascinated by the idea of using letters and words in design objects, especially obsessed with so-called “Live, Laugh, Love” products. They are often presented in rather kitschy and/or tacky forms, and believe me, there were a good amount of years that I thought I could live without their striking aesthetics.

After years of searching for the answer as to why this is so popular, I came to my conclusion by two main aspects: familiarity and encouragement. In the current society where anxiety and stress are so prevalent, we need these products to give us comfort by how they look and to guide our lives, which are full of uncertainty, by their message!

Vase with Willpower series is my interpretation of this realisation. Each vase is engraved digitally with different sentences in Korean, which I found most heartfelt for me since it’s my mother tongue. The messages are encouraging and confidence-boosting but also disciplining.

When I was engraving sentences on the vase, I intentionally distorted and dispersed the words, hence it is unreadable even for native Korean speakers. Because I want the first visual experience to be unbiased by words. (However, the answer may find a possible answer in its work titles)