Your Empty Humanism 
a film, 2018

3D Old Businessman is a 3d modelled human character on the screen One day he is dropped in a random place that he does not recognise. He meets two other 3d characters there, Chibi Chick and Patrick, who also do not have a clue what is going on As they realise that they are not actual humans, they question what it means to be a human. It leads to intense debates between them in matters of existentialism and humanism.

In this film, every components are downloaded from online, mostly for free. Free images of the nature. Free music. Free software. Free human. Freedom in virtual reality. Freedom in reality.
Where is the line between freedom and responsibility of being?
Where is the line between being real and fake?

Your Empty Humanism, 3D Old Businessman’s stroy, 2018


Exhibition, Anti-Bodies
Savoy Centre, Sauchiehall St, Glasgow